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11 Minutes online movie review - It should have been a great night at the movies

The Polish film 11 minut was shown in the U.S. with the translated title 11 Minutes (2015). Jerzy Skolimowski was the writer and director.

This should have been a perfect film evening. 11 Minutes was the opening film of Rochester's Polish Film Festival. Jerzy Skolimowski is one of the greatest writers and directors in Polish film history. 11 Minutes was shown in the superb Dryden Theatre at The George Eastman Museum. The Deputy Consul of the Polish consulate in NYC traveled to Rochester for the event, and gave a welcoming speech using impeccable English. The Director of Programming at the George Eastman Museum gave a learned introduction. The only problem is that 11 Minutes is a truly bad film.

In theory, at least, the film portrays 11 minutes in Warsaw through the eyes of countless participants.The only three characters with names are the sleazy film director Richard Martin (Richard Dormer), the beautiful aspiring actor Anna Hellman (Paulina Chapko), and the dog owned by "Girl with a Dog" (Bufo, played by Bufo.) Incidentally, Bufo did a fine job in his role.) All the other characters had names like, "Husband of Courier's Lover."

This film may have worked for some people, but it didn't work for me. Scenes popped up on the screen and disappeared. What happened to the drug courier? Why had Anna's husband been arrested,and why did Girl with a Dog tell the hot-dog vendor that she was surprised to see him out of jail? Why do the nuns want mayonnaise in addition to mustard on their hot-dogs?

If you are looking for a way to spend 81 unpleasant minutes, this is the movie for you. If you want an excellent 94 minutes of movies, then rent, buy, or stream Knife in the Water. (It was co-written by Jerzy Skolimowski.)

11 Minutes carries a terrible 5.8 IMDb rating. My mistake was not to trust my fellow reviewers. Live and learn.

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