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  • Drama
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On a March night in 1964, 37 neighbors in Queens, New York, witness the brutal murder of Kitty Genovese. None of them takes action or calls the police. 37 tells the story of a few of these people and what led up to the night when they unexplainably remained passive observers. The film is a convincing portrayal of a borough in change and a time characterized by racism, the Civil Rights Movement and political shifts. The actual event that inspired the film’s plot has been called a symbol for the moment when America lost its innocence. The director Puk Grasten skillfully weaves into her feature film debut various fates, dreams and family conflicts by leading us through an apartment building that comes to bear a collective failure.

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37 online movie review - A total disrespect to the death of Kitty Genovese

I generally don't take the time to write reviews however having just watched the documentary The Witness and the agonizing investigation her brother did to bring peace to himself regarding his sister's tragic death, this movie was completely weird and did not make one iota of sense!

How the children depicted in this film would be up at 2:00 AM having dysfunctional issues with their parents is beyond me. This movie is like a psychedelic bad acid trip. The murder itself is belittled and was so irrelevant to a bunch of meaningless circumstances that supposedly had all 37 characters preoccupied at the same time and in the same neighborhoods. It is just a pathetic epic fail to sell to the audience. I felt like an idiot to have kept my nose stuck to the screen for the agonizing amount of time it took for this movie to finally end.

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