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4 would be astronauts spend 400 days in a land locked space simulator to test the psychological effects of deep space travel but, when something goes terribly wrong and they are forced to leave the simulation, they discover that everything on earth has changed. Is this real or is the simulation on a higher level than they could have ever imagined?

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400 Days online movie review - Exiting and unexpected :-)

This is a movie about a team of upcoming astronauts that needs to undergo a 400 day training session in a spaceship environment simulator.

At first they experience 'normal' space situations, but slowly things becomes a little strange and they try to find out what is going on.

The plot makes you sit on the edge, raises a lot of mystic questions and ends in an unexpected way.


Many people ponder what happened. Here is as I see it:

1. They clearly get injected by some chemical that is slowly building up some hallucination. Only three of them gets the injections and supposedly so the 'doctor' can observe them under stressful situations. If it was a normal injection for the flu fx., they only needed it once and not continuously. The gradually lack of oxygen could also help the hallucinations but they would not be that strong alone. If the doctor also get injected (but we just don't see it), maybe her pills could be an antidote. Alternatively the pills could just be for calming her down because of the forced divorce she has to keep as a secret during the 400 days.

2. When they discover the lack of oxygen it's about to be too late. It starts out with one of them having problems breathing. Barely able to get up, he slowly wake up the others. When the doctor is not breathing, he try to save her when at the same time one of the others runs away to find a bottle of oxygen, not having any problems breathing (plot hole). After the revival the all breath normal (another plot hole).

3. The story about something had hit the moon and spread bits hitting earth atmosphere seems to hold. First of all because they hear a big bang and the whole station is shaken. The solar panels are hit and they get much less energy and loses the connection to headquarter. When they enter the surface the grass and trees are gone (burned away) and the surfaced is full of stones and dust. furthermore the dust seems to have out of earth components. Also when one of them looks up, the moon seems strange and you see at the same time two shooting stars. This situation should be grave for all population because the lack of nature/food, so it also make sense that the town people has become cannibals and that there is a lack of oxygen (because not so many plants/trees anymore) Plot holes are here that the stones on the surface have not made any impact craters, the solar array seems somewhat fine and that you don't see any burned trees. Also it seems unlikely that all trees and plants have burned away, but the houses in town seems perfectly fine.

4. Finally, the cameras are moving during the whole movie, you even seem some through night vision and at the end they are congratulated at the main screen. Was it all just a simulation then? I think not. Some cameras could still be working and collecting data automatically even if headquarter has been destroyed and the congratulation could just have been prerecorded. This explanation also seems likely because of the people they have to kill and the situation on the surface. Else that would have been a very extreme simulation that is highly unlikely.

So the plot is: A group enters the bunker, earth gets hit by moon bits knocking out communication, plants and trees (and thereby oxygen). Group gets to the surface and are hunted by survivors that have become cannibals.

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