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Adam is your average working-class guy living in small-town America. He's an auto mechanic who spends his free time with his tight-knit band of bros, Chris, Nick and Ortu, with whom he does everything—poker, video games, shooting hoops, getting drunk and meeting women. But there is something about Adam that even his friends don't know. He is not that interested in women. When he comes out, sort of by accident but not really, his best friend Chris promises him that nothing will change but, of course, some things do. After the initial shock, the boys quickly come around to the fact that Adam is still the same dude, but when his double date with Chris ends disastrously, a drunken misunderstanding threatens to derail the group's entire dynamic. Fourth Man Out is a feel-good buddy comedy with plenty of heart that focuses on the growing pains and ultimate strengths of of friendship.

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4th Man Out online movie review - overall good, but though done before, it has a few twists

(Spoilers) This a story about a guy portrayed as very "normal" who at 24 y/o tells his lifelong buddies he is Gay. Well, he starts with his best friend.

There were a number of things here that were very good - his friends were generally supportive, the dialogue was mostly realistic, the picture quality, scenery and filming was well done. Three of the four main characters were very good looking, in shape, fairly well muscled. The story was entertaining and there were several pretty good comical situations. I really liked the part where his best friend is acting funny upon hearing the news and the lead says "I'm still the same guy." I applaud the inclusion of common sense, which we need more of.

However, this is supposed to be present day - it is hard to imagine that his friends, sister, or parents did not have the slightest inkling he wasn't straight after knowing him all his life. There were a number of places where I wasn't sure what message was being given by the film or was it just poor attempts at humor? For example, the lead's first date was with an unattractive man who misrepresented his online dating photo. When the lead isn't interested, the date asks the lead character if he is shallow, only wanting someone good looking. Uh, no, the date is obnoxious and quirky as well. This date pops up a couple more times and far too much time is wasted on him, again poor attempts at humor. But later when the lead (finally) meets someone presumably not loaded with personal issues, they talk for about 15 seconds and the movie is over.

I didn't understand why the lead, when explaining he was Gay and his parents didn't seem to get it, he had to put something in his mouth and simulate oral sex. "that kind of Gay" he explains. (????) I found the mother's instant acceptance strange, the only thing she was "upset" about was they missed out on sharing his "real" life. Really? How could our lead have completely missed that his parents have been totally accepting/non-judgemental for his entire 24 years? I suppose its possible.

It was funny enough and the guys were plenty good looking that I'll probably watch it again. But as others have said, the stereotypes just won't go away.

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