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A man involved in a horrific car crash is pronounced dead, only to come back to life an hour and a half later, claiming to have seen Heaven.

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90 Minutes in Heaven online movie review - Definitely worth finding a theatre showing this one

Interestingly, albeit not surprising, the two largest cities of our area are not even showing '90 Minutes in Heaven'. We attended the movie having little idea what to expect.

We are not frequent theatre attendees, generally limiting are visit to visually impressive block-busters, like Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode III.

This is a movie one will either enjoy or will not, and I expect you would know this before you even get there. Don Piper is a Texas Baptist minister who wrote an autobiographical story about his life and death experience; a truck crushes over his car while he is driving over a bridge. The movie begins with this tragedy, takes us back somewhat in his life to set the stage for the story, and carries us through the period of recovery for he and his family.

His time in Heaven is part of who he is and what he has been through, but is not the focus of the movie. I felt this is a story about family, and possibly a story about any family. As you proceed through your own decades you will experience tragedy, either directly or indirectly. When this movie was over I was left with the basic thought that everyone has, or will have, the opportunity to put a hand on the shoulder of someone and make a difference in their life.

I have suffered the loss of many family members, though mostly through illness and natural causes. I have been hospitalized on a number of occasions, but not the duration presented to us on Don Piper's recovery. I have suffered pain at an overwhelming level, but not for days upon days. I have watched my wife suffer on my behalf as I have endured these things. This movie resonates many emotions for the many normal people struggling and surviving through life.

'90 Minutes in Heaven' may be more meaningful to those who are people of faith, but this is a story that can benefit every family. The hospital scenes feel a little too drawn out at times, but when you are confined to a hospital day-after-day that is exactly how it feels. I felt the dialogue was a little forced, but that may well be having a pastoral tone of Mr. Piper's story, or possibly what people are like from Georgia (where of the movie was produced) or people from Texas (where the setting is). Hayden Christensen gives a strong performance, which may be under appreciated by those who have never experienced severe physical pain. Kate Bosworth is terrific as Eva Piper and carries us well through this story.

I recommend this movie. If you want to bash stories about people experiencing Heaven, don't both watching this. For most families, this is a movie worth travelling to a theatre showing it, and then think to yourself about who you can impact with your life experiences.

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