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A Nutcracker Christmas
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When her niece is cast in The Philadelphia Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker, a jaded ex-ballerina is forced to come to terms with the life and love she left behind.

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A Nutcracker Christmas online movie review - Excellemt Story and Production Values

What can be said is Hallmark produces quality movies. I am new to the Hallmark Christmas movies and holidays in general, but most are very good.

This movie is no exception and I dare say exceptional. It's about love; love of dance and specifically ballet. The story revolves around two people who are torn by a tragedy and lose themselves, lose hope and lose each other. Through events, they meet 8 years later but can they come together and succeed where they once failed? Is a second chance at ballet, a second chance at love possible, and will they take that chance again? We know this is a Christmas movie, but it is excellent and well acted. It has dance scenes and well choreographed moves, at least to the untrained eye. I must give this movie a 10 out of 10. The characters are well played and the story in engaging. MUST SEE and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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