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Accidentally Engaged
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When unsuccessful actress Clarissa returns to her hometown for a wedding and tries to impress her old friends by claiming she's dating big time celebrity Chas Hunter, she suddenly finds herself in a comically false engagement when her lies go public and Chas decides to join the festivities in a stunt to escape bad press.

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Accidentally Engaged online movie review - Good romantic comedy

Not sure if that last reviewer was watching the same movie as me, but I really enjoyed it! The acting and direction were good and the background musical score was lovely and non intrusive.

It was a very cute movie. Yes, it was a bit predictable and at times somewhat cheesy, but that's what you expect from a romantic comedy. I enjoyed it and would watch it again. I for one like the predictable, happy ending, boy gets girl, typical love story and I like a little cheesy too. Its just fun to escape from everyday life into these kind of movies. I am happy that they had pretty good actors and it was produced well and there wasn't cringe-worthy parts like in some that I've seen. Also, you can watch it with your kids and not have to worry. All around good movie. No, it's not a 10 out of 10, but definitely above average. I recommend it.

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