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Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2
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Fourteen years after they parted ways, a chance meeting sees Cinta reunite with Rangga while she and her girlfriends are on vacation in Yogyakarta.

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Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2 online movie review - Ada Apa dengan Commercial, Never as Good as the First Time

A very huge dissapontment for this sequel for an #indonesianfilm that status is #cultfilm First, there's no Ladya Cherryl as Alya. Alya oh Alya, you're the second beautiful character after Cinta here.

But why making the good character Is dead? We can wait for her to finish the film school, then filming this sequel. Maybe her talent as good filmmaker can join to write a good script for this movie, not only as an actor.

Second, the production less than a year but so hurry up for a long waited love story, makes the developing is leave a big plothole. Where story of nine years behind and logic things here doesn't play much. The comedy of Mamet & mIlly, are you going to make a stinky romance comedy, oh come on! The other actor like Ario Bayu is only sticker or red herring. You can cast another model with not big name for just a stick in cast. Maybe they choose him because he in Drupadi.

Third, the setting is only good frame for a painting. Not influence the story. This only nostalgic moments for a long parted couple in a long time. The wanderlustime traveling place remind me of 3 Hari Untuk Selamanya (that's a good road movie!). I hope the exposure of the local place in Magelang and Yogya doesn't give a load of garbage trash. Another part of setting here is the art scene. From music, poetry, arts, and coffee. In poetry I prefer the first movie, where the spirit of youth and independence is fires the generation. Eko Nugroho Art Installment is great but doesn't affect the plot. But Papermoon Puppet Theatre is the best part because they play a relevance love story just like Rangga & Cinta situation.

Fourth, Product Placement. Ada Apa dengan Client? Yes this is a great huge market and sales. All the sponsor want to advertise in this "GREAT COMMERCIAL EVER" But I feel like a chaos, can you make it more nicely? Fifth. The Title Focus. This title is about a girl named Cinta, where she has a confusion heart. This is her next story. So the scripwriter must be focus on her. But saddenly the good character she had in the first movie is lost in this sequel. You can compare another great example like Before Sunset (west side cinema) or In The Mood for Love (east side cinema). That's a great long waited sequel (10 years even more to make) where they focus on the character, the story, and the mood. Some might say, if you lost character, you lost everything.

Sixth. The Ending, fool rush in. Yeah you making a great fan service here but it's too rushy. In the end it's just like another Korean drama. I hope there's a spin off movie focus in "Genk Cinta" where Alya still alive, please Miles please.

Seventh. The Music. It's fairly not bad. But unfortunately Never as Good as the First Time. Maybe now it's get too commercial, not like when the first movie is get the late 90's sound and early noughties, Haha. But "Ratusan Purnama" is great as the first movie theme, the duo with orchestrated strings just sounds great. And the noted here is the "Bimbang" covers by the children of Titi DJ & Anto-Melly. The opening is cool, then music starts feel the 90s spirit where Potret lives. But the voice of Stephanie is flat. Sorry.

Oh yeah in the end, maybe the goal of this movie is only for success in quantity, not quality.

For IMDb Ratings I give 4 out of 10, or 2.5 out of 5. Sorry Miles, I just say what I feel. Don't get hard feelings. #lifein2hrs #withlove.

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