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Ahalya, set as a modern-day thriller, is an ode to a legend from Ramayana. The 14-minute-long film replays the deadly game of Gods, spinning a web of intrigue, seduction, desire and mystery between Gods and Apsaras. Ahalya is a deadly game you can’t escape.

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Ahalya online movie review - Sujoy Ghosh, a Ray Fanatic!

It's not a review in some sense, but I would like to represent my views on his short. I'm following Sujoy Ghosh's work from the beginning and I'm a fan in a way after watching Kahaani.

Who isn't? So, in Kahaani there are few references from Ray. Like the 'Running Hot Water' which was liked by audiences all over was taken from Ray's Joy Baba Felunath. The film also makes several reference to Satyajit Ray's films such as Charulata and Aranyer Dinratri. Everything is fine till now, it's completely okay to take some references. Even I thought Kahaani's climax being similar to Taking Lives is just a coincidence. But after watching ?Ahalya? which is totally lifted from Professor Shonku o Aschorjo Putul, I am pretty sure that Sujoy Ghosh mimicked that scene as well. At least give an acknowledgment, so that more people can read the original story.

So Ahalya is actually a great idea, if you aren't aware of the original ray story. Average watch for me.

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