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A couple on the brink of ending their marriage spend a weekend in different cities. After a cataclysmic event strikes, the husband embarks on a physical and emotional quest to return home as a nation prepares for the worst.

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Alienate online movie review - You'll have more fun cleaning up your dog's mess after taking him for a walk

OK, I get it. When you have the desire to write and make a movie but don't have the Hollywood connections or greenbacks to make it an A-level movie, you do the best you can and you surprise everyone with a great B- movie.

This wasn't the case. This was a complete dog turd. Waaaay too much time spent flashing back, flashing forward, flashing sideways. There was so much flashing I had a seizure! I would sue the filmmakers, but I mean, seriously, there is no way in hell this movie turned a profit. Even with the writers, producers, and actors forcing their family members to go to the theater to see it. How about a couple of flashbacks and then keep the rest of the story line linear? Huh? How about that? The lead chump was such a moron I wanted to beat him over the head with that sledgehammer he used to whack that one alien. If breathing weren't involuntary, that moron would have asphyxiated a long time ago. Does this moron not understand the rule about picking up bizarre weirdos on the side of the highway in the middle of the night? I really had to laugh at that. Then, he does it again with that chick in the middle of the road. Too bad that farmer Brown with his straw hat wasn't a better shot with his gun. He would have done all of us a favor. Now, I gotta admit, his wife was a cutie- patootie, but ultimately just another empty-headed bimbo. And once again here's a chance where the director could have earned at least a little thumbs up had he given the audience a nice gratuitous booty shot of her when she was in the shower. But he didn't. Blown opportunity! And what was the deal with all the airplanes falling out of the sky? How about explain that a bit? And then the ending. Holy crap!!! I wanted to kick in my television screen. If anybody can forward me the address of the writer or director of this embarrassment, please do, I'll find him and waterboard him to within inches of his life. This movie didn't know what the hell it wanted to be so, as is readily apparent, the writers and producers simply ripped off Close Encounters, Signs, The X-Files, War of the Worlds, and Battle Los Angeles and made an awful hodge-podge, hot mess, puke-o-rama of a "movie". But this movie? Jeez, this movie makes some of those Syfy channel "Asylum" movies look like Oscar gold. For the love of God, don't waste your time watching this!

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