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Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story
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A group of student film makers are creating "Project Marble Hornets" when the production is interrupted by a series of paranormal events in this tense and shocking horror.

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Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story online movie review - Bland and rather predictable supernatural effort

Trying to develop a news story, a reporter and her crew intending to follow up a recent spate of home foreclosures instead stumbles upon a strange unseen supernatural spectre following them and must try to solve the mystery of his appearance before it's too late.

For the most part this one here isn't really all that interesting or enjoyable. What really holds this one down is the fact that like so many other films of it's ilk the whole thing being presented as a found-footage effort really underscores so much of what's going on in this one. Forcing itself into all the usual trappings with this style gives this one such a rather bland and tired feel here where it's pretty heavily flawed just by the general sense of familiarity runs rampant throughout here. This one isn't all that original or creative in the genre and really doesn't do much to really differentiate itself from the usual tropes associated here by constantly failing to focus on something that should be front-and- center in the main part of the frame, getting way too many shots that wouldn't occur unless someone was specifically trying to make a film of this caliber on purpose as well as the ever-dreaded scenario of managing to keep filming in scenes where a person's life is in danger which is quite a troubling issue here with this one as this leads into many scenes with utterly troubling and infuriating behavioral choices designed to push the film further along rather than anything to save themselves. The shaking camera that keeps running throughout the film never helps either as there's so many potentially amazing scenes ruined by the inability to properly tell what's happening during the action. Still, the root cause of the film's problems lie in the fact that this one just doesn't have any real fear or terror in its lead. If there was no mention of who he was in the film's promo materials you wouldn't know who he was in the film proper as it never explains who he was, how he came into being and why he's targeting the troupe here makes for a series of questions about what's going on with this one as there's nothing given here about that main villain which just takes so much fear out of this one. Lastly, the film's pacing is so off here that it seems to take forever in setting up an encounter or attack by the mysterious figure yet it breezes by without much difficulty in that it manages to remain watchable despite nothing happening at all as it seems to focus a lot more on simply getting them to yell and argue with each other over his sanity rather than showing why it's deserved or even setting up chilling encounters on its own. This results in a large discrepancy here with the pacing really being another big factor holding this one down. There's a few solid parts to it, as the central idea gleamed from what's going on with the killer is a solid core idea of a mysterious being tormenting a group of friends, and how it goes about delivering some solid action in the later half where they get targeted at the house and later on in the cabin refuse which are somewhat chilling and creepy set-ups here. Still, this one has too many problems to really generate much else.

Rated R: Violence and Language.

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