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Amigo Undead is the story of Kevin Ostrowski as he attempts to reconcile with his estranged, underachieving brother Norm on a camping trip. They're accompanied by several of Norm's unusual friends. When one of these friends dies accidentally, the decision is made to bury him out in the desert with some very unforeseen supernatural consequences.

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Amigo Undead online movie review - Zombie Indian Curse

Opens up with a pair of legs, with no body, still standing, and a hand that seems to still have a little life to it with two guys talking about it then the opening credits role and then boredom sets in.

There's an Asian guy with a "white" name, he was adopted. He works for an Investment firm, i think. He gets in a car crash with some...either dirty white guy, badly tanned white guy, or something I don't even want to think about. Then there's a phone conversation, or something...bored yet?

I think it's trying to be comedic, and while the leg and hand thing at the very beginning was humorous (though I didn't laugh) the beginning is just boring.

The adopted guy goes on a camping trip with his brother (not Asian) and before that happens we meet his brother's best friend and another guy who looks like Julia Sweeney's "Pat" from the film "It's Pat" (and SNL, I guess).'s the camping trip, still doing the adopted Asian baby gag. One time was enough, I still haven't laughed. The acting isn't bad. Actually pretty good in parts. Even the direction and video quality isn't bad. The music is okay. It's the script. It's too amateurish, and stereotypical (toward the adopted Asian guy, the "redneck" at the car crash, and every other character).

Did I mention the Zombie? If you bury people on an Indian burial ground, you get Zombies. It all makes sense. Slow walking Zombie seems to walk really really fast as they are walking very very slow.

I know, it's a conundrum.

Hey, did you know Zombies sound like King Kong met a lion then afterward chokes you with your intestines while you just stand there screaming about it? Hey, did you know blowing up a Zombie doesn't work? Sure pieces seem to fly everywhere but somehow it pieces itself back together with the same clothes it was wearing before it blew up?

I never laughed. wasn't that bad. I've actually seen worse, believe it or not.


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