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Angel of Reckoning
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Rachel, a female war veteran returns home only to launch her own personal vendetta against the criminal underworld when a family member mysteriously dies. The underworld kingpin rules with an iron fist and those below her are terrified when her name is even mentioned. In order to get closer to the inner sanctum, Rachel takes on the identity of "Angel" a go-go dancer at a popular nightclub. As "Angel" learns details about the organization, she begins to exact her revenge against anyone she deems responsible for her family member's death. However, a detective is hot on Angel's trail as he investigates the death and destruction left in her wake. After one woman proclaims war against a band of drug dealers, pornographers, and criminal kingpins, will vengeance rule above all else?

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Angel of Reckoning online movie review - One of Those Movies that the Viewer Regrets Watching

When the lesbian military Rachel Baldwin (Jessica Kabasinski) returns home, she is welcomed by her niece Jamie (Khila Freeman) that introduces her boyfriend Ryan (Hunter Wieczorek) to her.

During the night, Jamie and Ryan have sex and he proposes to film their intercourse. Then Rick meets his dealer to buy cocaine, but he does not have money and offers the footage instead. The film is sold to a porn site and Jamie commits suicide. Now Rachel uses the alias Angel to revenge her beloved niece.

"Angel of Reckoning" is one of those low-budget movies that the viewer regrets watching. The curious title and the horror genre indicated in IMDb may make the user disregard the 3.2 rating expecting to see a decent movie. However the story of revenge (not horror), screenplay and the direction are terrible and everything is low quality and painful to watch: performances, fight choreography, cinematography, location, edition, dialogues. Why is necessary to show Rachel as lesbian? Jessica Kabasinski is not beautiful woman but at least is hot in her costumes.. If you see this film without pressing the fast- forward button, you may be considered a hero. My vote is three.

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