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Husband and wife living in a dystopic future become trapped in a mysterious time loop — one that may have something to do with an ongoing battle between an omnipotent corporation and a ragtag band of rebels.

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ARQ online movie review - good and bad, nice story but faulty mechanics. tldr, watch it with a grain of salt.

This is a good movie, and a bad movie. The plot, i love it. The science, it intrigues me. The answer to the questions, i seek them.

The thought process of the movie, the back story to the characters-- its completely missing. We know the male lead is an engineer working on a perpetual motion energy generator, and it turns out to be a time machine. We know the female lead is his girlfriend/ex and is like a freedom fighter. Right off the bat, she continuously lies and betrays the male, obviously. Like, oh I'm not lying, next scene, oh yeah i totally was. And despite these betrayals and discovering she is the reason his house is being invaded and robbed and hes been murdered multiple times, he still releases her and enlists her help. Multiple times. The logic of these people... Yeah, you should be murdered by employees of your former boss. They make a super big point that they can remember the time loops, but they still make the same effing mistakes every time. Kill the intruders when you have the chance dude, don't hold back. Pull the pin on the cyanide grenade and gas those punks. So many times he could have got out of this predicament, and he fails or chooses not to. If he had escaped, the whole movie would have been wasted. As it is, i found myself talking sh*t to my TV for an hour and a half. I watched it for the full time because i wanted an answer and i wanted to see how they win. They don't. It just ends. To me, that says they continue on in the loop forever, since they discovered that it happened maybe 1000s of times. I watched it, i enjoyed parts, and i would recommend it to people. For a one time watch only, though. I don't mind that it has no set ending, honestly i like it, especially since the movie has to do with time and loops and uncertain moral obligations.

Pros Good plot with tugs on your interest. Decent acting

Cons Bad characters Bad movie logic Bad backstory/no backstory Bad attempt at involving freedom fighting, when we have no idea what the current political climate is, except that this company Torus rules everything/most things/this area. Not even those few points are fully explained. All we know is they fight torus, they're kinda terrible at it, and they're losing... Maybe. Who knows. The writer, and only him. The intruders follow a woman named Pope, but no attempt is made to explain who this person is, why shes leading anything, why she is held with religious ideals. Anything that is interesting trails off and is left in the dust, and there are so many story arqs arqing everywhere (see what i did there?) that do only that-- arq beyond the end of this movie.

Truthfully, i watched this because i thought it was a TV series. Maybe if there was more time for answers to be revealed, elaboration of the politics/bad stuff that happened to earth, i would enjoy it more. Thats really what i ask of Netflix, turn this into a Netflix original series, instead of just a movie.

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