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Back to School Mom
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Mary Thomas, a free-spirited musician, has spent the past two decades traveling the world, but at age 41 she decides to go back to college and finish her degree so that, for once, she can finally finish something she started. Back at her old university, she becomes close friends with her popular and charming "peer tutor" -- only to learn that he is actually the son she gave up 20 years earlier.

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Back to School Mom online movie review - Loved the movie!

I just saw this movie and really enjoyed it!! I am big fans of Kimberly Elise and was looking through her filmography, which is how I found this movie. I am glad I found it..

.made for a nice little movie night. The story is about Mary (Kimberly Elise---needs to win an Oscar one day) who decides to go back to school many years later after giving her son up for adoption and pursuing a career in music. Like a fish out of water and feeling out of place, she turns to her best friend Meghan (Loretta Devine---love her!) who always gives her perspective. She also befriends an honor student mentor Noah (Denzel Whitaker), who actually turns out to be the son she gave up many years ago. She doesn't confess this to her son initially but later is forced to after some unfortunately awkward circumstances....yikes! By the way, Kimberly Elise never ceases to amaze me with the level of intensity she can bring to a character...I am surprised she doesn't get enough credit!! Don't want to give anything away...but great job overall!

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