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Two guys find a beautiful young woman to take the place of their missing roommate. Everything seems fine until a horrible mistake on drunken night leads all three on a downward spiral.

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Bad Roomies online movie review - Another Tedious Exercise in Men Behaving like little boys

I am so sick and tired of movies like this. The kind where you have 20-something or 30-something or 40 something or 50 something men who have never progressed past puberty even though they can have great houses and cars and careers, etc. which one would think proved some sort of maturity.

Wrong. Once again, as in nearly every single depiction of males these days, the guys are brainless and think with the wrong "head." How any get girlfriends is a mystery too; girlfriends who are bossy and aggressive and really have no respect for their men at all - they are living dildos and that is it - not that any of these girls would give up their actual sex toys.

The idea that these two would abstain from hitting on their new roomie and then going back on it is typical and rings true. How they ended up in this gorgeous house in the first place is a mystery since only one of them seems to work. Is it THEIR house or are they renting too? How is it that they cannot get this girl to move out?

The whole scene with the girlfriend and the roommate is dumb too. I mean, come on, is this really a depiction of todays' young people? frighteningly, I think it might be. No one seems to really care about anyone else. The point where some terrible images are sent to the roommie's father is unbelievable too since she claimed earlier that she had no contact with her family for years but her father's e-mail was right there to be hacked?

The drunken three-way was silly too. Are we to assume they were all so drunk that "all the rules" went out the window? Did the boys get together too? Speaking of which, all of their guy friends are little boys too obsessed with porn, give me the details etc. and have no problem telling their buds what they would get into sexually whether straight, bi or whatever - it's all good bro!!!

The ending was total bs. The bogus "murder" for which they get a could of years in jail? And the boys get to "room together" in the joint too and they STILL keep up good relationships with their female roommate who send them gifts from the female prison?

Just stupid. Stupid boy/men --- again

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