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Barbie: Star Light Adventure
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Barbie(TM) is a cosmic princess who flies high on her hoverboard through a far-off universe with her adorable and devoted pet sidekick, Pupcorn. One day, everything changes when the twinkling stars start to dim and slow their dance in the sky. Barbie(TM) travels to a beautiful new planet to join a special rescue team on a mission to save the stars. Once there, she teams up with a group of talented new friends who work together to save the galaxy through exciting hoverboarding adventures. Barbie(TM) soon discovers that if she listens to her heart, and with the help of her friends, she might be the leader the whole universe has been waiting for!

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Barbie: Star Light Adventure online movie review - Not even trying

Looks like mattel is not even bothering to put even the smallest amount of effort into these movies.

Just knock them out one at a time and as long as they make money, that's all they care about.

This has got to be the worst of the worst. Clichéd tedious boring, the kids talked amongst themselves, got their toys out, and eventually they had all wandered out of the room, and this is only ten minutes into the movie.

I would advise all parents, do not buy this movie, you are only rewarding bad workmanship and scheming tricksters. Please don't put your hard earned money into the pockets of uncaring con-artists who are playing the same scam again and again: Knock out any old rubbish and as long as it makes more than 10 dollars, they have covered their costs, and the rest is all profit. Please learn your lesson and move on. Do not be ripped off for the umpteenth time. Buy something nice for your children, or put the money into a collection can for charity. By buying this you are giving them the green light to make further garbage.

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