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A young woman's friendship with a drug-dealing drifter evolves into a lesbian romance.

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Bare online movie review - Not very good with words, but an honest review. Possible spoilers?

I thought the movie was good. I thought the acting was amazing, in my opinion. I hope this review helps some because the others are pretty harsh, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm not saying anyone is wrong, just that this movie may not be for everyone. Sorry this is long.

Acting: Paz and Dianna play the part well, they are so convincing that, I would have thought that, this is how they act in everyday life. Paz is perfect for the part of pepper, her mannerisms how she speaks all her idiosyncrasies. Dianna's character Sarah is the sweet, somewhat naive townie whom is non-confrontational. Her scenes are captivating, because you feel and see how her character Sarah transforms/develops and really comes into her own when she dances on the pole later in the movie. You see how Sarah feels by looking into her eyes you can see the emotion Dianna is trying to evoke and bring to life for her character.

Story: The story itself was interesting. Yes there is the stereotypical storyline; mystery person somewhat causes good girl becomes stripper, which leads to doing drugs, drugs cause her to get in trouble, leading her to an epiphany. However, its not like the character Sarah magically has it all figured out and lives happily ever after. She realizes there is more than the town she's from. She was a no one working at a store, to a stripper/dancer making a lot of money and had potential to do something so daunting/outside of her norm. So, it's sort of in a way her breaking the cycle and going her own way in life, by whatever means necessary. She is more confident by the end of the movie, and see's if she try's she can make it happen, she is willing to work to see the world or do whatever she wants. She is into "random stuff" like abstract type art, Africa documentaries and non-domesticated animals. She is a bit of a dreamer and with pepper, she feels she can achieve or do anything. Pepper makes her feel free, special and adventurous.

Overall: I truly did enjoy and like the movie, was it stereotypical in some ways, yes, to a degree. This story touches on someone's life. A lot of stereotypes are based on groups that experience the "same thing" in the most simplistic way to phrase it. I would say if your up for a different kind of movie that wants you to sort of think about life and realize we are in control of it. Go for it. The movie gives you the hope that things can change and can become better but how you get there is your decision, maybe its not legal, maybe you learn your lesson's in life the hard way. But if your willing to work, try and live. The possibilities are endless, but you gotta try and take risks, otherwise the world will make your decisions for you. At least thats what I got out of the film.

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