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A couple hiking Mount Whitney runs into a group of mountain men who develop a dark obsession with the young woman.

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Blue Jay online movie review - Wasted time

What a disappointment!

The concept of the film was interesting and had potential, but the plot and the way it was executed had me yawning in my seat in 15 minutes. The film squanders all that potential, delivering a lackluster and boring product. It felt like watching a documentary! The trailer looked promising and was mildly suspenseful, but unfortunately, that 2 minutes of action is all you're gonna get in this 83 minute film.

The best things about it are the gorgeous establishing shots and the location, which I admire the crew for filming in such a harsh environment. But everything else is dreary and fails to capture the audiences' attention. The writing wasn't given much thought, and the characters were one-dimensional. The lack of character development and their uninspiring portrayal prevented me from feeling invested to care much about what happens to them, which defeats the whole purpose of the film.

The villain initially seemed like an interesting character, but as the movie dragged on, you realize that this man made no sense - much like the entire film. The limp plot twist at the end was predictable and anti-climactic. The credits roll and you feel like you've wasted your time.

I wouldn't recommend watching this film unless you truly have nothing else to watch.

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