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When Jimmy finds a mysterious package in the trunk of his latest boost, he is thrust into a violent underworld of criminals, and a race against the clock to save a little girl's life.

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Boost online movie review - B-Movie

As a teenager I probably would've loved this movie more. It does what it says on the box. Danny Trejo has a screen charisma that works very well for the film, even though he's not the main hero in this.

Actually the main hero may have some flaws (acting and otherwise), but he can hold of his own. Especially if you are in your teen years you may like the way this goes even more.

Having said, the turns or some twists (family, friends and whatnot) mostly do not come as a shock. So it is predictable and you get your fair share of clichés thrown into the mix for good measure. All taken into account this still has the possibility to entertain

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