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A guy gets more than he bargained for after entering into an affair with the wife of an investment banker. Soon, a suspicious death and substantial life insurance policy embroil him in a scandal.

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Careful What You Wish For online movie review - Teenage Fantasy Fulfillment Gone WRong

This movie offers a chance for teen heartthrob Nick Jonas to show what he can do as an actor. In addition to that it allows him the chance to take off his shirt, a sight sure to please his fans.

But as for bringing something new to the table in the way of movies it offers a tried and true formula rather than an inspired thriller. We've seen it before in one form or another and done better, so we know what to expect with each passing moment.

Jonas plays Doug Martin, the teen son of a well to do couple who are once more spending their summer vacation at their cabin on the lake. Along with his best friend Carson (Graham Rogers) he intends to work at the local seafood restaurant owned by Sheriff Big Jack (Paul Sorvino), study and perhaps find someone to hook up with. All of that changes when the new neighbors move in.

Watching from his bedroom window he is the first to see them, starting with the fetching Lena Harper (Isabel Lucas). Her husband Elliot (Dermot Mulroney) is a well to do self-made millionaire type, a cut throat at business and a natural competitor. The couple meet Doug and his family and soon become friendly enough.

One day in a rainstorm Doug sees Lena stuck outside of the house signaling him to come over. She has locked herself out of the house and needs to get inside. Doug helps by breaking in a window and opening the door for her. She rewards him by seducing him and the two predictably become frequent lovers. Doug hides the fact from everyone, including Carson. It doesn't take long before Lena shows h bruises that she says were inflicted by Elliot. Doug tells her she needs to leave and she promises to talk to Elliot.

Things change one night when Lena calls Doug over to find Elliot sprawled on the floor, his head smashed in. Lena tells him that he attacked her when she asked for a divorce and began beating her, that she was simply defending herself. She then tells him that no one will believe her and asks him to help her get rid of the body. Ruled by hormones of course he helps.

Things take a turn for the worse (as if dead body disposal isn't bad enough) when an insurance investigator arrives who insists on looking into all possibilities before handing over a payment in the millions to Lena. Clues begin to surface and soon Doug is looking at the possibility of being convicted of the murder of Elliot. Is it misfortune or was he set up? If you've seen half a dozen of these thrillers you saw this coming early on.

The film is well made, a quality production rather than a slapped together low budget flick. But the story feels more Lifetime channel movie than feature film. Jonas does a decent job in a role that has him portraying someone too blind to reality letting his late stage puberty do his thinking for him. His acting chops are stretched in no way to play this part. Lucas is an attractive lead who will go nowhere if she limits herself to roles where her exposed body parts are the only reason for getting a role. Mulroney seems to just walk through his part here and deserves better parts than this. Get a new agent Dermot! If those Lifetime movies entertain you then you're certain to enjoy this one. If you're a fan of Nick Jonas then you might be too young to watch certain aspects of this movie. Like most ex-Disney channel actors he seems to think a more "adult" role is the way to go. I tend to think taking acting lessons is a better route and accepting roles that require more than what is on display here would be a better method. But then I'm not a teen heartthrob with bopper fans clamoring for any and everything I am in. Not bad but nothing exciting either.

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