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The true story of four student athletes from Carter High School in Dallas, Texas in the 1980s, whose bright futures irrevocably changed due to their off-field activities.

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Carter High online movie review - Football with a life lesson.

This movie was great. It was a roller coaster of emotions. Arthur Muhammad took us back in time to Dallas circa 1988 perfectly. The story of these boys and the saga that unfolded was captivating.

It was reminiscent of movies such as Remember the Titans or Friday Night Lights, but I thought the personal stories surrounding the boys and their mischievous activities, made the story even more engaging. This is a movie for every young teen and adult. Making the right choices in life is a lesson that is not just for the boys of Carter High, but this lesson is one that resonated with me as I watched. Charles Dutton was a definite stand out. His roaring pep talks and fatherly advice carried us throughout the film and made us care even more for the struggles the team endured. I found myself cheering, crying and frustrated, but happy to be along for the ride. This was well written, acted and directed. I highly recommend this movie.

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