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In Center Stage: On Pointe, Jonathan Reeves (Gallagher) is tasked with infusing more contemporary styles and modernism into the American Ballet Academy, and enlists his his top choreographers Charlie (Radetsky), Cooper (Stiefel) and Tommy (Wormald) to recruit dancers to compete at a camp where the winners will be selected to join the Academy. Bella Parker (Muñoz), who has always lived in the shadow of her hugely successful sister Kate, finally gets her chance to step into the limelight as one of the dancers recruited for the camp. Chloe Lukasiak plays Gwen, a talented dance prodigy who competes at the camp. - Denise Petski

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Center Stage: On Pointe online movie review - Decent attempt at expressing a little known world...

I wonder how many of the other reviewers have *actually* danced or been in a Ballet company/auditions. I may be a hetero guy but I did 8 years of Ballet.

While the main actress Nicole may have lacked in *enough* ballet training, she did a pretty good job considering. I am so tired of people judging body type or shape to judge if or if not they can or can not be a dancer... wake up people, we are in 2016, the world is not a cage made of perfect ballerinas... we are all different and all allowed to express who we are through dance.

This is no different than a movie like High Strung where the main actor does NOT play the Violin well (been playing that since I was 5) and yet people don't get nearly as bent out of shape and yet for me, it's somewhat painful to watch...

One aspect of the movie that I find quite accurate and well played out is the competition, gossiping, even some would say backstabbing that happens in the Ballet world..

The plot is interesting while not entirely original if you spend enough time in and around Ballet Companies..... The Ballet Instructor, Lorenza was quite hard, harsh, bitter and that is quite common and realistic.

For most people who have no idea what the Ballet world or even dance world is really about this is a nice introductory glimpse into the discipline, amount of work, difficulty that it is...

All in all, I'd probably be willing to give it a 6 out of 10 but settled on 5 for the lack of authenticity of the main actress' dancing even though I am sure she tried very hard. Plus we don't know who was there to coach the quality of dancing during production so it's a little too easy to give 1-2 reviews and give out very harsh comments.

I found it entertaining enough and didn't find myself wanting to fast forward once or quit watching. Even though there are better movies in the genre, it was still a nice way to spend time while stuck in bed with a leg injury.

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