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A handful of intersecting lives across Montana. A lawyer tries to diffuse a hostage situation and calm her disgruntled client, who feels slighted by a workers’ compensation settlement. A married couple breaks ground on a new home but exposes marital fissures when they try to persuade an elderly man to sell his stockpile of sandstone. A ranch hand forms an attachment to a young lawyer, who inadvertently finds herself teaching a twice-weekly adult education class, four hours from her home.

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Certain Women online movie review - Certain impulse

This is my review of Certain Women (spoiler free)

**** (4/5)

WRITER/DIRECTOR KELLY Reichardt is one of the most remarkable directors in cinematic history at the moment, and has proved herself to be the master of slow-burning melancholic drama, with Old Joy, Wendy and Lucy and Meek's Cutoff, and Certain Women is no exception. She lately changed her theme with the fast-paced thriller starring Jesse Eisenberg in Night Moves a film that focuses on eco-movements and moved at a much faster pace than her other features. Certain Women is based on the short stories of the same name by Maile Maloy and adapted with Reichardt's powerful and intelligent scripting; it's a beautifully impacting story that focuses on three hard-working women in small town America and their real life situations of passion, managed by their human flaws. Few contemporary filmmakers can do quite as much with quiet as she does but sometimes don't quite nail the capacity of a decent script, were as she does both. Superficially there are empty soundscapes layered so intricately with the movements of nature and the broods of the weather and the preoccupied people that her films, seem to focus on which can seem positively noisy to a sympathetic ear. Unfortunately, it may not seem like it with the brilliant story and seemingly flawless characters, this has had reported walk outs at the Sundance Film Festival calling it the most boring and most brooding story ever.

However this beautiful story surpassed the walk outs and has had a lot of praise lately especially by Kristen Stewart's performance, once again proving that she is the actress to watch in 2016 especially after her brilliant performance in Woody Allen's Café Society earlier this year. The story is told in three episodes each one equally defined and filled with immense amounts of drama along the way as there isn't much that goes on in the short 107 minute run time certainly not as lengthy as other films like this but in each and every minute the drama takes a rather giant grip, and each time becoming increasingly more powerful. The first two episodes are only moderately impacting, but the third packs in an overwhelming amount of power, in moods, observation and longing. In each episode the development of characters is done progressively the more the story goes on as each is introduced, the first episode focuses on Laura (Laura Dern) a lawyer whom is very praised in her work place and her case is to focus on a man Fuller (Jarred Harris), who has no will of life and she has to try to make that better. The second a little less powerful episode focuses on Gina (Michelle Williams) a family woman who works for a living and tries to build a house for her family to live in, not much goes on in that episode.

However the third and overwhelmingly powerful episode focuses on a young law student named Beth (Kristen Stewart) who has to take a rather arduous journey to work and forms an inseparable bond with a lonely farm hand who enjoys talking to her. The plot is very simplistic but it's the harmoniously impacting drama that really forms the story. These three women are very intricate characters who also have very similar flaws one's coping with sexism in a law firm, the other is coping with sexism in family the only one that doesn't cope with any of that is Beth she just has to take a very long journey from home to work and then back again, but the characterization of each character is flawless and has a very assiduous touch. Overall Certain Women is a very quiet story that focuses on the aesthetics of passion, life, longing with a severe amount of patience and strong-willed people with flaws and human senses, it's a beautiful mix of themes in the characters and has a gorgeous mid-western setting surrounding the film, and it's as if this story came out of nowhere. And after Reichardt's previous venture into fast-paced thriller territory she has now reclaimed her reputation as the quietest filmmaker in the world and this is just another addition to her ever-expanding fulfilling career.

VERDICT: Kelly Reichardt creates yet another powerfully engaging, beautifully impacting slow-burning masterpiece engulfed by expertly intricate performances.

8/10 brilliantly engaging.

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