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Chasing Pavement stars Remy Mars as Elijah Young, an 'urban' porn star who is preparing to leave the adult entertainment industry and start a new career as a chef. His new roommate, Takeshi, played by Tokio Sasaki, is a Japanese immigrant who is looking for a new start in the information technology field. Takeshi, who feels completely invisible in the United States, becomes obsessed with his extremely visible flatmate. Takeshi's obsession culminates in a violation of boundaries that brings the two together for a moment of intimacy that neither will soon forget. The movie also stars Antonio Biaggi as Bryson Colon, a man with a troubled past who frequently hires Elijah as an escort, but wants much more.

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Chasing Pavement online movie review - Hookups, Transactions and Complications

A porn star leads multiple lives--Rashawn, the young actor he aspired to be but now he's Elijah, the hot porn star and escort who still struggles to pay the rent.

I found this independent effort to be a subtle, intelligent view at the complicated life of an adult star and the accidental relationships he finds himself in. 'Chasing Pavement' is a quiet character study of a young black porn star, Elijah Young , who has created walls around his life to keep his livelihood discrete but also to keep his own desires trapped within. He has an 'escort affair' with a troubled Latin man, Bryson, played by real adult star Antonio Biaggi, then, he develops a random friendship with a young Asian, Takeshi, which ultimately takes a dramatic turn. The film is quite literary and intimate in its look at the randomness and disappointments of modern gay life and it's refreshing that the filmmaker opted to cast real-life adult stars in dramatic acting roles. Although the performances are somewhat amateurish, there's a certain legitimacy of casting here and an interesting exploration of a diverse cast of characters confronting each other. The themes of emotional disconnect within cycles of intimacy and abandonment are very truthful. A serious gay independent film effort for those looking to deal with more 'real' in their films than the usual happy-go-lucky standard gay film fare.

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