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Life for a struggling college student changes in an instant when he meets the owner of a male strip club who convinces him to give amateur night a whirl.

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Chocolate City online movie review - Ugh. Save Your Money!

This movie was complete, utter, crap! I hate when movies are advertised, and sold, on the sex appeal. Yet, when you watch the film, it feels like you're watching the God damn Disney Channel.

There was practically NO NUDITY! what so ever in Chocolate City. Which really frustrates me (if you couldn't tell). Because in all the advertisements for this freaking movie there were tag-lines like: "Better than Magic Mike" "Come see the real magic" BLAH BLAH BLAH!

This movie was supposed to be better than Magic Mike? I think not. Both films had shitty plot lines, shitty actors (except for few), but at least Magic Mike had nudity! Every actor in Magic Mike got nude. MULTIPLE TIMES.

In Chocolate City? Well, only Tyson Beckford got naked-for a fraction of a millisecond. Like, God damn, I saw Tyson more nude on his freaking Instagram. Ugh, I am so angry! This movie is like 50 Shades of Grey; sold on the sex appeal, but doesn't deliver. And Chocolate City actually had real-life strippers stripping in the movie. Yet, they don't get naked either? What in the actual hell! You can Google these strippers and see more nudity than what was shown in this damn movie. NONE!

And it's not like I was looking for porn when I went to see Chocolate City. I was just looking for what the advertisements promised: magic. Yet, I got a Sesame Street take on Magic Mike? Yawn....

I figure the greedy Director is saving all the good shots for the DVD (which, honestly, I'll buy, but I won't be happy about it). This movie just doesn't seem finished. And I, literally, wanted to blow my brains out trying to get through the corny church scenes. Sweet baby Jesus!

With movies like this, I can put up with all the shortcomings, IF there is a payoff. There was none. And I want my money back!

People, just wait for the unrated DVD. I'm sure that'll be better.

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