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David is a nurse who works with terminally ill patients. Dedicated to his profession, he develops strong relationships people he cares for. But outside of work, it's a different story altogether.

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Chronic online movie review - So depressing but worth watching...

One warning first.

Don't go to see this movie if you are not in the mood to.

Don't go to see this movie if one of your friends or relatives is suffering of a lethal disease such as cancer, AIDS or what so ever...

Don't go to watch this movie if you are depressed or just to commit suicide.

But, yes, yes, yes it's a wonderful, moving story here showing the daily burden of a male home nurse taking care of terminal cancer phase or severe brain vascular damages patients. Some very hard watching scenes but nothing gratuitous here, on the contrary, so close to reality. Tim Roth is terrific in this feature, in this ambivalent, disturbing but so kind man in the same time. A so gripping character.

I love the film making, with so many still camera shots all the time, in the pure European or non Hollywood films style.

And the story is very like another movie from UK I watched this year: STILL LIFE. With a very similar character and a very same ending. A real must see but not for all audiences.

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