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Clinton Cash
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An investigation into how the Clintons have amassed millions in personal wealth through foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation, a supposed charity, in exchange for political favors while Hillary Clinton was the US Secretary of State.

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Clinton Cash online movie review - The Devil's Handpicked Destroyer of Worlds...The Clintons

It would be great if every voter could watch Clinton Cash prior to casting a vote for our next president. I think even without vetting one can see the Clintons have become mind-numbingly wealthy.

Did they make a fortune the old-fashioned way, earning it? Or did they benefit by just placing themselves as go-betweens in the greatest money grab of all time?

If the devil himself were to be in politics this movie makes it clear it would be in the guise of someone very much like Hillary Clinton. She has her own powerful network starting with her co-demon Bill. They'll come to you as this benign and approachable pair who we should entrust to do good. The truth couldn't be more opposite. As the old cliché' goes: follow the money. This film does just this and it's shocking. Shocking a pair can wield so much power and can get so much done, often in plain sight, but even more since so much of the trail is propped us as humanitarian. These devils will make a deal with any evil leader or oligarch. Often the deals are shrouded in shell companies who donate exorbitant amounts of money to their foundation and/or astronomic amounts paid for public (yeah, a select public that is) speeches. It's not a crime if you can get away with it apparently.

I have been fearful pondering the "what if" Hillary becomes our next president. Now I'm absolutely mortified. Please watch this. Do the homework you need and then the math. We're headed toward the absolute worst time as a nation since the United States was founded if we allow the biggest crooks of our time to take over our government. This film is more than an expose' on evil, it's a shot over the bough. A somber warning that pure evil exists and it will rise by fooling us. Wake up! Please wake up! Do not let these killers, thieves, and evil demons get your precious vote. I think I'll shut up because this film speaks for everything quite well. It's a shame, however, so few will actually see it. I beg you to do so and tell the many more who won't ever know unless a trusted friend gives them a "heads up"!

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