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When a poker player hits rock bottom he enlists his best friend to pull off a high-stakes heist.

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Cold Deck online movie review - Another Solid Gambling Movie

A few yeas ago I used to play a lot of poker, online and otherwise, so I may have a different take on this movie than most. To start off, I liked the movie overall. I'm not too sure what all the negative reviews are about.

Let's start with the lead actor, Stefano Gallo. He plays Bobby, a down on his luck player who just can't seen to do anything right. He steal from his sick mother in order to play more poker. He is an unlikable character, but guess what, there are plenty of unlikable people in the gambling world. Not all movies characters have to be likable. If Paul Rudd was in the lead this would probably be a different film.

And Gallo does an admirable job; it is really hard to root for his character because he plays a bastard so well.

Next, let's talk about the plot. Yes, it is similar to many other "gambling films" that have come out in the past. Rounders, 21, Runner Runner, etc; they all have similar plots. What Cold Deck does not have is their budget. For a small budget film director, Zack Bernbaum, does a solid job.

Paul Sorvino delivers a great performance as Chips, the "kingpin" of this particular group of lowlifes. He is essentially playing the Teddy KGB role in this film.

Nearly all gambling films share many of the same plot points so aspects of this film will seem familiar. The only difference between Cold Deck and the others is the budget. So, I will recommend this film for those of us who like gambling stories and who like seeing character who are flawed but still human.

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