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When his girlfriend goes missing, David must track down her whereabouts after he realizes she's not who she was pretending to be.

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Come And Find Me online movie review - An original and suspenseful thriller with a bittersweet ending.

I will start by being honest and saying that initially, the ending felt like a disappointment, almost like the entire film had built me up for an amazing ending that I never received.

There were so many ideas swimming in my head throughout watching from the get go, yet this movie chose to take a seemingly obvious ending and evoke a delayed sense of shock shortly after the credits started to roll. It has only been in the hours after watching the whole movie that the intentions of the Director had most probably planned on how it would leave the viewer feeling kicked in and boy, I've been so emotional since.

Without spoiling anything as I truly believe that this movie is nothing like most in its genre and hope that you give it a chance, the insidious way it succumbs you to replay the events that took place (including the flash backs which provide tiny yet crucial pieces of information that explain the dynamics between this starstruck couple) from the first scene causes everything to slowly and almost weightlessly settle into place; leaving you feeling quite forlorn and overwhelmed by the journey of emotions experienced by this "Romeo & Juliet" couple.

As much as I initially felt (and honestly still do) after watching this movie that there were lots of questions that viewers were compelled to raise about Claire's past that remain unanswered (and this would almost ALWAYS frustrate me with other movies, it really didn't matter.

I do not feel like I NEEDED tohave the answers. Why? Well, for starters the acting by all of the cast was amazing (with Anabelle Willis giving a performance that equalled her being Grace in Peaky Blinders), with all actors showing you how the job is done properly, with little effort in being so convincing. You always know when an actor is phenomenal when they continue acting despite the camera not being focused on them/ All of Anabelle's tiny gestures, body language and subtle hints that she was hiding things from the guy whose heart belonged to her were what perfected her already flawless performance. She is one of the best and natural born actresses I have seen.

No, it's not as action packed and CGI crammed as other popular movies; the violence is as graphic as it needs to be, the script is marvellous and the dynamic between the cast doesn't feel false.

But this movie succeeds in sneakily drawing you in, hook line and sinker.

It doesn't need to try too hard to achieve the desired impact on the viewer and it is most certainly a prime example of less being more.

Its ending stabs you in the heart with the stealth and severity of a murderous shadow holding a Valyrian steel knife, killing you softly.

A standing ovation to the Director, Cast and all who were involved in making this movie. This is a piece of art to be proud of.

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