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  • 100 min
  • Drama
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Come And Find Me
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When his girlfriend goes missing, David must track down her whereabouts after he realizes she's not who she was pretending to be.

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Come And Find Me online movie review - Spoiler Free Opinion and my First Review

When it comes to movies, I try to steer clear of anything romantic or too heavy on action. You wont find me watching movies like The Notebook nor will I begin to navigate the repertoire that is Steven Seagal's Straight-to-Video library.

I like movies that I can tell had thought put into their script, had characters with some to a lot of depth, and a run-time that didn't drag on.

Now that my "disclaimer" is there, I will say this movie touched on what I tend to enjoy most in movies - mystery, leads with chemistry, and believable characters. One of the characters in the movie, I won't say which, borders on the element of believable but still kept my interest.

The story is about David and his search to find his missing girlfriend Claire. What begins as a run of the mill girl-gone-missing story, turns into a thrilling mystery pretty quickly and David soon begins a deeper journey into finding out just what happened to the love of his life. There is plenty of action to keep most guys interested, whereas the relationship (expressed in flashbacks, mostly) to keep any girl interested. It keeps an even pace of action/flashbacks to unfold a journey of one man's quest for the truth.

It raises questions of "What causes a woman, without any problems or fights, to disappear without a single trace (initially). How well do we really know the person we share a bed with every night?" I've rated plenty of movies before, but again, my first review so I hope I captured a spoiler free look. I would've gladly paid to have seen it in theaters (as someone who makes 2 trips a week to the local theater).

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