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Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe
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Scrat struggles once again to protect his nut.

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Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe online movie review - The first thing to remember about this animated short is that . . .

. . . it comes from the same folks who pretend to believe that people rode around on dinosaurs (just like the FLINTSTONES) 6,000 years ago or so; that global warming is NOT ha

ppening; that the glaciers and polar ice caps are NOT melting; and that the moon is made of green cheese: Yup, Twentieth Century Fox, as in Fox "News." Therefore, when this propaganda piece--carefully targeted at millions of unsuspecting families who have shelled out their cash to see THE PEANUTS MOVIE--gains wide circulation, it's crucial to remember that at least one third of ALL Americans will take it as pure Gospel, swallowing its Pseudo-Scientific underpinnings hook, line, and sinker (mostly because they attended public schools in former Confederate States, or "charter" and church schools in ANY state, where it's frowned upon if not illegal to impart a semblance of critical thinking skills to the youngsters who will be the Fox "news people" of Tomorrow). According to this brief flick, our solar system as we know it came to be due to the shenanigans of a Sabre-Toothed Space Squirrel and his Magic Acorn.

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