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Dancer and the Dame
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Down-and-out Detective Dancer, who struggling with a personal conflict, gives up on life and his job. But that all ends when he is paired up with a police dog who is also dealing with post-traumatic stress. The dog helps Dancer make a life-changing turn around. And in response, Dancer does the same for his partner, the Dame.

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Dancer and the Dame online movie review - Poor attempt at a K-9 rip off - how bloody rude !!!!!

OK so first off K-9 is my all-time favourite film and the reason I find myself living with numerous of these ridiculous creatures aka German Shepherds.......

so obviously im going to be a lil biased........however from the moment I saw the trailer I just knew this 'film/waste of a chunk of my life' was never gonna be Oscar worthy but had to give it a go as there was a Shep in it.........never a good reason to watch a film granted but still......I gave it a go.......

BOY did I wish I hadn't as far as being an avid film watcher......but I do have to give considerable kudos to the adorable Princess who is the only character worthy or any credit.......perhaps that's because she doesn't actually say anything, she just does her cute and cheeky German Shepherd they do ! Poor plot, terrible acting, Billy is no Dooley and bless Princess but she's no Jerry-Lee........even in the 'bar scene'........seriously's such an obvious rip as is the 'handcuffed to the car' one and the 'get in the car challenge' and the 'sniff in the warehouse' etc etc.......gee's Hollywood/ripoffwood c'mon......why not name it 'K-9 Rip-off' tsk tsk !!!! If you would like to watch this film anyway I suggest simply putting it on in the background of a knitting fest, starting to pay attention at aprox 30 mins and then turn away at any scene that doesn't involve Princess !!! It's a shame really that the poor dog was subjected to appearing in such trash, I hope for her sake she has moved on to better things !!!!!!

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