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A ragtag group of gunslingers try to make their way in a post-apocalyptic world. The twist to this world is that it’s just not barren and dangerous, it’s also filled with flesh-eating zombies. The gunslingers will find themselves stranded in a town and forced to make a choice on either to save the citizens of the town or save themselves.

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Dead 7 online movie review - It's Definitely Dead Alright

The title of this movie matches perfectly. Everything from the dialogue, script, plot, acting, and even the tone of the film is dead. From the very start, the tone and vibe of this movie feels off.

What should feel like a Western movie, somehow comes off as a mixture of the modern and past, but failing as if it doesn't know which one it's trying to be. In the end, it's really neither, and just a movie with low budget sets that don't fit the feel of the movie whatsoever. Not only do the sets feel out of place, the entire feel of the movie does too. It's set in a post-apocalyptic world, and yet they still have vehicles and a few other modern devices. Why is this set up like a Western then? It's all over the place.

Aside from the tone and feel of the movie being off, the writing is atrocious. Nick Carter should stick to writing songs, because the only thing about this movie that was good was the song they all sang together for the credits. The plot is so weak, that you're not even sure what it is. There is a villain, but there is so little back story on every character in this film, that it's nonexistent. It seems like some cheap story a five year old tried to write up for a class assignment, and even a five year old could probably write better.

Beyond that, the acting is darn right awful. Aside from small notes like AJ McLean, whose Johnny Vermillion character probably brought the most to the table, the other actors are just horrible. Even then, the only amusement he offers is his funny laugh throughout that sounds like Batman's Joker has asthma. Otherwise, everyone in this movie is horrific. Facial expressions are absent, while dialogue is off and completely weak. Nothing in this movie fits the way it should.

Everything felt forced and some of the plots seemed to be Nick Carter's idea of wish fulfillment. Maybe he would have fulfilled his deepest desires if he could actually play a decent lead, but instead his one-liners are something left to be desired, and you WANT him to die in this movie, just like every other character. Of course, that's within the first five minutes of the film, and sadly not everyone is introduced within the first five minutes, but you want them dead anyways. They're THAT bad once they come onto the screen.

All in all, this movie isn't even a decent B movie. It's just idiotic and a waste of time. Seriously, these boy band members should have just teamed up for the song, or went on tour together and made a band called Dead 7, because their only talent is singing.

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