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Three years after the death of Frank's wife a mysterious woman appears. As their attraction grows Frank struggles with reality and his loss. He tries to start over not knowing his choices could lead him to his own downfall.

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Delusion online movie review - Absolute Rubbish

This is one of those films the average movie watcher starts to think 5 or 10 minutes into the movie, 'This is crap...but I'll wait a little longer because the previous reviews are good so it MUST improve.' It does not. It stays crap all the way until the end.

So if you are an average movie watcher who just wants to see a good film buy yourself a bottle of wine, popcorn, crisps or whatever takes your fancy and what something else. Or, don't believe me and start to watch this then 5 or 10 minutes in you'll think back to my review and the words, 'Bloody hell he was right!' will pop into your head.

I was going to stop the movie half way through but I just had to finish it to give an honest grassroots viewpoint.

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