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An emotionally desperate investment banker finds hope through a woman he meets in Chicago.

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Demolition online movie review - I was pleased.

First thing is first, whoever is responsible for the distribution of this movie, Fox, probably? Y'all are so wrong for making a fan like me wait to see this film.

First, it did not show in any of my nearby theaters whilst I was Western Oregon. Then, after I patiently waited for the bluRay release, I could not find a single copy on any of the shelves in my current city in central Texas. I understand that I may choose to live in tiny towns but if Batman vs Superman can be on every shelf on time then sure could Demolition!

Now, even though I believe Davis did actually love his wife by the end of the movie, I still doubt he was actually, in love with her. That's a position I have been in. A lot of folks may not quite understand how someone could go as far as marriage to someone that they're not "in love with", but one has to remember that everyone has not been given a proper example of love in their childhood. Before you can be in love with someone, I do believe you must have either been raised with unconditional love or learn to unconditionally love yourself. However, if you lack the first, it is still quite difficult to ignite the second. Also, Davis even admitted to getting married because it was easy. Folks who lack that example are seeking it whether they are aware or not because it is, in fact, a primal need that we require to withhold the will to live. He knew she was in love with him and that seemed good enough.

Then, when his wife passed, he was overwhelmed with thoughts of existence, not grief. Up until she passed, his mind was occupied with keeping up with her family and her lifestyle. One's life is not complete by satisfying the needs of another's comfort UNLESS you are unconditionally in love with that person. So, when she passed, he realized, he had not been fulfilling himself. That's where the need to demolish everything he was came from. Any empty void that consumes us as humans if we do not carefully cater to our individual desires.

I must say I love my Jæ-G even more for this movie because of the timing. I know I opened up this review bashing slow distribution but that is not my Jæ-G's fault. Right now, I am single for the first time in roughly four years and it is amazing how complete of a person I am than I was when I was first coerced. Instead of physically demolishing my possessions, I simply, in one shape or form, let them go. After most of my physical possessions which had been tainted by me becoming under the influence of someone who didn't deserve me, were gone, only I was left to disassemble. Until this movie, it was not absolutely clear what I had done. However, if you look at how my blogs are organized, the way I strip my cares and self in my brain is evident. I have even named different "personalities" that I have discovered to carry me thus far. I am probably crazy for not thinking of most of Jake Gyllenhaal's characters as crazy, but so be it. I follow what makes sense to me because I have realized that, as the only true way to grow. No other family member, friend, partner nor spouse can lead you to yourself. They may help but the path is our own to decide. Losing anyone, or anything, that you have grown accustomed to having access to, makes you pay attention because it's drastic change. We are a result of the habits enforced by our animal browns. And frankly, most people's lives aren't changed that much because they never are forced out of their comfort zone. I just had a vision of a preview for Doctor Strange where The Ancient One forces him out of his body. That shock and detachment is necessary to view the larger picture of one's life from a distance where you are intentionally forced to pay attention and evaluate who you are becoming.

On another note, I love that there was no sex, not even insinuated, in the movie. Sure I could have benefited from the visual BUT sex is a weakness to those who put it in place of actually repairing their self. He just needed a friend who showed no judgment nor expectations, who was drawn into him by his feelings. I love that after she saw how irresistibly attractive he was at the diner, that she didn't show her face. It shows that her intention for a human connection was most sincere. Sure, she was in a relationship and did not want to feel too tempted but, since when do people care about that these days? Even the fact that their relationship started with letters, is poetic.

He was already infatuated with the raw attention she gave him, which he ironically, never, returned to his wife, but even more so drawn to her effort to be there for her son. It was like an effort he had not personally witnessed before. Only when he found out his own late wife was pregnant, did he start to show signs of remorse. Then again, very little was mentioned about his childhood. Which brings up yet another trait I am drawn to in my Jæ-G. He is not like us, who pretty much raised ourselves. From my understanding, he had a pretty ideal family to nurture him, yet he identifies with and represents us so well. So many of his characters have difficult childhoods. I do wonder why he chooses these type of characters. It must mean he is longing for a warrior queen like me, right? Right.

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