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Despite the Falling Snow
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In Cold War Moscow, a female spy steals secrets from an idealistic politician - and falls in love with him.

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Despite the Falling Snow online movie review - Lovely

I am surprised this film has an average rating since the acting is great. Rebecca Ferguson is her beautiful talented self again and her versatility is once again displayed.

Sharif did a great job casting and directing her as lead. I want to thank Shamim for the little but breathtaking scenes between Rebecca and Antje it was fireworks. I mean who can resist such striking blue eyes. I would've liked more scenes between them because their characters are not as developed although understandably so of course. I like films about war and I am a sucker for romance so I get two things I like in one film. Antje's eyes will get her anywhere and of course her talent and if you're a fan of Rebecca and Sharif then you have to see this film. Loved it so much.

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