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After his career is destroyed, a brilliant but arrogant surgeon gets a new lease on life when a sorcerer takes him under his wing and trains him to defend the world against evil.

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Doctor Strange online movie review - Marvel did it again! (They made another standard origin story with weak villain.)

Was I excited for Doctor Strange? Well, kind of. I've read plenty of Doctor Strange comics during my youth. I knew his backstory and his villains pretty well (Nightmare being my favorite).

But I never was in love with the character. But the thing that made me less interested in the movie was the director Scott Derrickson. I never liked any of his movies. However... I don't know how the hell Marvel Studios manages to make so many critical and box office hits with some of their movies, but you really have to be some sort of sorcerer supreme to do that so successfully for so many years. I mean, to take a mediocre director like Scott Derrickson, whose filmography is nothing but abysmal hole of awfulness, and force him to make a formulaic superhero origin movie -- yet, somehow to make it work with the critics and the audiences. That requires a real talent. (Or just good corporative thinking.)

Doctor Strange is a standard superhero tale with similar story structure that we've seen before, which tries to distract you from noticing some of the story flaws by throwing at you very well- conceptualized visuals. I know that many compared this movie to Batman Begins because it uses same story bits. I know that Doctor Strange's origin came before "The Man Who Falls"/"Legends of The Dark Knight" origin of Batman, which was created by the legendary written Dennis O'Neil (who also worked on Doctor Strange comics). But if I'd wanted for this movie to copy something from Batman Begins, it's certainly wouldn't be the setting or the story bits. I'd want Doctor Strange to copy the the buildup that was masterfully done in Batman Begins. The way we learned about Bruce Wayne's most crucial moments of his life was not only perfect set up for the character, but it was necessary to enhance the story. My main gripe with the way main protagonist is portrayed is the lack of his characterization in his pre-accident state. There's almost no time spent with Steven Strange before the car accident. For me, his transformation felt flat because we spent almost no time with him before he started searching for help. If there was more buildup and development for him before the incident ?- at least ten extra minutes ?- then I would not have much problems with the film. Strange gets into a car accident at the tenth or eleventh minute mark in the film. That is excessively soon to go into origin stuff (at least for my taste). I think there should've been ten minutes in the beginning of the film that happen before the accident. Those ten minutes could've been used to establish Steven Strange's arrogant personality and his egocentric nature way more. Which would make his transformation feel more intriguing. It also would help to develop his relationships with the character of Christine Palmer. It's probably has similarities to The First Avenger, which I enjoyed much less than this movie, because at least CGI in this movie doesn't make me facepalm myself due to its mediocrity. One of the biggest problems that I had with The First Avenger, which I consider to be mediocre at best, is that we spent almost no time with Steve Rodger's before he decides to join the army. And this movie kind of follows the same trope.

The villain is... So the villain in this movie is... Well, It's Marvel Studios, so the bad villains in MCU movies became as much of a stigma as bad dialogues became stigma in Star Wars Prequels. Kaecilius is, just like any average MCU villain, a bland bad guy with weak/unexplained motivation, who does bad things because he believes that what he is doing is right. But don't worry, Marvel will try harder next time (hopefully). When they are going to give THE DORMAMMU! (...Who looks NOTHING like Dormammu from the comics.) Dormammu doesn't have visual appearance until the end. What is also boggling is that they throw the name of Dormammu without any subtlety. (At least Iron Man was more subtle with the way it teased The Mandarin.)

As for the highly controversial casting of Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One, all I can say; it was completely unjustifiable and pointless. There is no excuse in the world that would give a reasonable explanation as to why you would cast a white actress for the role of an Asian character. (Unless we're not going to mention the obvious Marvel's/Disney's attempt to slavishly pander to the agenda of CCP.) If the reason was to keep movie away from "ethnic stereotypes", then it's the most double standard excuse that the people behind the movie could have. So having an Asian person in the role of a wise mentor who teaches arrogant white man to become a better person is too racist, but Michael Pena's character from Ant- Man is perfectly fine? (I guess Marvel's desire to stay away from stereotypes in movies covers only Asian characters.)

But don't worry, the movie acknowledges those complaints. The movie unsubtly and blatantly pokes fun at people who were expecting to see an authentic version of the character.

The visuals are great, but it's not enough for me to love this movie and to give it 11 out 10. The movie got its praise definitely not for its story. And if the movie is so praised only because it has great visuals, I wonder if those were the same critics that always label Snyder's films "style over substance".

Therefore, the movie has severely trivial story with very little buildup for its characters. The journey of the main character feels flat at times; mainly because the movie didn't developed Doctor Strange at the beginning of the film. The villains are terrible. Cumb--... Cunb--... The guy from Sherlock was great though, despite severe lack of character at the beginning of the film. Overall, fine film.

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