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Even Lambs Have Teeth
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Two wronged women dish out vigilante justice ala Kill Bill’s “Bride”.

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Even Lambs Have Teeth online movie review - It had a potential but...

I saw it at a film festival and it was the film I was looking forward to the most since I'm into horror films, and the few reviews here seemed very positive and rating is quite high - but it was a great disappointment to be honest.

There were massive plot holes. Like the whole content would have happened in a parallel universe, where nobody notices anything weird. The priest tied on the car, and set on fire, how come no one noticed?? What about security cameras? The girls walking around almost naked and covered in blood, and again, no one notices. How could they always have fresh make up on and their hair never looked oily after being locked in there for god knows how long? How did they get away with all that? Why didn't they make a big scandal out of it afterwards to warn others and close the farm business? How did they immediately found the homes of these guys and got in there? Before they didn't have any brains and suddenly they got so fearless and smart? These were only some of the questions that popped into my head. Horror is a very difficult genre to make since you have to make it look logical, this one was like a teenage dystopian fairytale. Also the characters lacked depth, acting was extremely bad - everyone knew right away who was the psycho.

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