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After she betrays a powerful mob boss, a woman matches wits and weaponry with a legion of killers who are out to collect the bounty on the heads of her and her family.

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Everly online movie review - Salma Hayek Returns With A Big Bang

Serious and honest i will be you can never win a war with idiots and critics this is not just my personal theory its a fact an idiot will always try to question you no matter

how much you explain and a critic will always hate no matter how much good something is now the case is same with this film Everly 2014.

To the people who are saying john wick is better wait till you see this film i love Keanu Reeves but that film was bogus now here Salma Hayek returns to action genre making her comeback after a very long time Salma just rocks most people love to see her nude and having sex on screen but me i have always liked her acting methods near perfect timing she's got very dramatic actress Penelope Cruz and Salma both are my favorite specially Salma ever since i saw her in 90s flicks desperado is one famous film with Antonio Banderas.

This is not the type of film for people who like marvel or DC comic book films ala avengers or batman this is coming from a hardcore comic fan like myself i enjoy those films but action does not mean use of heavy cgi wearing cheesy costumes preferring style over substance Asian Hong Kong cinema specially is big proof of it Hollywood tries to copy those old films but fail Tsui Hark,John Woo,Ringo Lam you name it all of these guys used their brain instead of computers.

Hollywood is missing out a lot this director Joe Lynch deserves a chance he worked hard on this film and it can be seen yes there are some unrealistic moments but on the whole it was worth it what i enjoyed and loved about this project that it opens with action loud no back story of characters no lame dialogs just guns blazing a lot of blood as it progress the viewer gets hooked the first half an hour story won't make sense at all but on the second half its gripping even if its is flawed.

Everly is no female assassin she is just in a troublesome situation and wants to get out how hard it is very simply to follow so why the hate this movie is getting a lot of bad reputation just because it is not a big budget one featuring lame hack talentless director along with a dumb model turned actress who can't act for life like Scarlett Johansson,Anne Hathaway etc.

Great use of ammunition,explosives by the makers here excellent camera angle shots providing 1980's cinematic vibe to it bonus point is the location of the flat wow one room and corridor is just epic to look at reminded me of old-boy & the raid redemption 2011 what can i say more i am a sucker for action films at one point when the bad guy throws a bomb into a room where Everly jumps in and hides for few seconds she jumps back into her apartment again with a blast nearly killing her that was sick anyway the music was well placed not too heavy but atmosphere just takes the cake here.

The Plot:Everly is a prostitute who is trapped in a building apartment there is no escape as a lot of bad guys including trained killers and females assassins are coming to kill Everly sent by Taiko because Everly is helping law enforcement agencies to crush his organization things soon become very personal when Taiko threatens to kill her mother and a daughter.

The Cast:i wont mention everyone they did superb work but Salma Hayek is the star here those expressions body tattoos and deep acting just excellence surpassed i must say,Salma looks best when firing a Thompson tommy gun style rifle going Rambo mode made me grin so hard the kill-count is impressive as Everly blows some punks in elevator too but killing of the dog was unnecessary that was cold move by Everly i did not expect this at all.

I am totally looking forward to the sequel if there is any chance these guys are making it,once again guys i am warning forget the haters,critics and any other person who tells you this film is not worth your money people go to comic con for getting insight of stupid flicks but forget these ones this is hypocrisy.

Not only the film even the poster has bad ass written allover it this film is not for just action sake its got everything in balance.

Overall Everly 2014 is a great film to look at despite the flaws keep in mind this is not the first and only violent film where a female kills everyone it might not become a new classic but it should be appreciated for what it is my rating is 8/10: Highly Recommended

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