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Every Christmas Has a Story
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A TV personality has an on-air snafu and admits she hates Christmas. Following the debacle, she is invited to the Most Christmas-y town in America to try and repair her image. Forced to work with her ex-boyfriend Jack, the show’s producer, the magic of Christmas and this special town will change the way she views Christmas and her life.

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Every Christmas Has a Story online movie review - Not too bad; not too good

Watched it when it premiered, and I wasn't crazy about this. Felt that the main female character's confession about not liking Christmas was handled very over the top, being conveniently paired with an old college flame as her current TV producer.

Loved seeing Willie Aames (an old crush) but have to agree with another reviewer--if Christmas devastated him so much, why was his home decorated like an enchanted Christmas village (gorgeous however). Wasn't crazy about Lori Loughlan's character. No wonder she wasn't married--she was a pretty hard lined you know what. Felt the father/daughter relationship was irrelevant to the story line, almost coming out of nowhere, as the writers felt that strained father/daughter relationship would help heal Kate's hatred of Christmas. That part of the story could have been easily left out, as I felt it contributed nothing. Perhaps she and Colin Ferguson's character (forget name) breaking up at Christmas would have been a better catalyst for Kate's yucky Yuletides and their reconciliation at Christmas be the Christmas miracle she always wanted.

Would I watch this again? I don't think so.

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