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After witnessing a miracle, a young Latina woman experiences strange things as a police detective searches for the truth behind his partner's death.

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Exposed online movie review - A wonderful and special film about how our minds can lock us away from harms way and take a drastic turn in the future.

We carry our pain and it shapes us more than we sometimes realize. This movie highlights one of such instances.

Without patience, psychological understanding and an open mind you will not enjoy the way this movie has been directed, nor the cinematography in play here.

The film will have you wonder often about why and where in the story we are and why certain figures manifest in a way which I personally find this to be a beautiful journey through a mind suffering from profound trauma.

A trauma so horrible it has lead to de Armas character completely sealing her own real self away due to not being capable of dealing with it. A problem we humans do very very often due to our basic response to bad things. We make use of our defense mechanisms to avoid what hurts us inside. That is what we see here... and how it finally ends.

Symbolism, metaphors and endless questions can arguably be a problem for the typical viewer here so be warned about these factors being a big part of understanding this, dear readers.

I don't want to spoil the plot of the movie. I only wish to highlight certain key factors which are very nice (if not truly useful) to help understand this movie's story and directing. If you are patient and paying close attention to factors I've mentioned you will begin to see a pattern. A pattern with loop holes at first... but all will be closed and explained in the end.

The reason for my not wanting to reveal more of the story than what the description says is to flat out not ruin the whole point of watching it :)

I will however give you this, dear viewer. A teaser if you will. We are following two characters in this films. Two people who's destiny is intertwined. One, a woman named Isabel who's living a troubled but optimistic life which is full of strange miracles and wonders which we try to understand. The other, a troubled police officer named Detective Galban who's trying to find the truth behind his partners murder which leads to discovering a lot of very very ugly truths concerning his partners past... as well as a coincidence with Isabel. All of which will shock you upon figuring out the truth. I won't say more :)

By the end of this journey we finally understand that Anna de Armas portrays a woman who would not stand for her being harmed ever again and her character acted out in a partially conscious/subconscious way which she herself fully aware simply could not manage to accomplish. Again, the defense mechanisms I mentioned from the beginning. Its fascinating to grasp how its all connected both psychologically and finally story-wise as well.

Psychologically this movie is fascinating to watch. It might not be the case if particular viewers cannot follow down path the movie goes. Thus viewer discretion is advised.

By my rating I give this a 6 out of 10. I find to to be well above average and by fair a great film. But its still arguably feeling a little rushed at times which arguably hinders more story from unfolding and possibly granting more insight into an ending a little cryptic if you don't really remember whats said by the key actors through the film. It culminates into grandeur for sure. But it leaves arguably a little too much for you to figure out yourself. If this is good or bad... is entirely up to you, dear reader. I personally think a few more details could have given it a 7 out of 10 rather than a six. Maybe if they had used another 20 minutes or so. Reaching that nice round 2 hour number. But yes. Thats my view.

But rating aside I find it to be quite a work of art in a psychological and definitively in a cinematography-wise sense.

It's a beautiful movie if you like exploring/going through a movie's story this way.

If you prefer everything to be much more auto-explanatory then this might not be your film. Just the same. You should give it a shot if you feel like broadening your horizon.

Good film. Im glad to see Anna de Armas and Keanu Reeves starring together once more. But that's of course because I loved Knock, Knock.

By the end of the day you can choose to watch it if you feel like it or not. If you are unnerved by the very negative review above you can always use a free movie site instead due to fear of wasting money.

Either way. I believe this could be of great interest to those intrigued by psychology and of course fans of Reeves and de Armas.

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