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And suddenly, overnight, the world came to a halt. Two men, two survivors, one kid, and hatred that separates them. A place forgotten by everyone, including the creatures that inhabit the Earth... until now.

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Extinction online movie review - Enjoyable but decidedly decent overall zombie effort

After most of humanity turns into ravenous zombies, a few survivors trying to fend for themselves and protect their young daughter find that the evolution of their tormentors has caused them far more grief than expected and try to stay ahead of the changing tides.

This one wasn't all that great and was certainly pretty flawed. The film's biggest problem here is most certainly its overlong narrative, as this one is simply just way too long for this type of story as there's no real reason for it to go for the epic storyline without doing much to warrant being that way. The languid pacing here from the way they both interact with each other is the main culprit as it just sucks and drains the energy found within this to utterly excruciating levels of boredom as he tries to teach her about the different subjects in some form of process to keep humanity alive during this period, yet all it does is play out so slowly and lifelessly that it feels far longer than necessary about what's happening here, and coupled with the fact that the majority of the time the other two are engaged in some kind of grudge with each other that doesn't get any kind of status or closure until the end makes these scenes go by even slower as there's barely anything worthwhile in the beginning hour of the film. Not only that, but that manages to keep the film utterly devoid of zombie attacks for the near duration of the film and only tangentially dealing with them as the entire purpose of the film seems to be more of a survival drama about living in a post-apocalyptic world that just so happens to be filled with zombies is a complete detriment to few times this one does manage to feature an attack as it feels completely at odds with the rest of the storyline. This is quite troubling as the film does do a rather enjoyable job throughout here whenever it does go into full-on horror stylings, but it just doesn't do them often enough to really warrant much in here. That basically leaves the film with bookends as to what makes it enjoyable, as the opening escape in the bus transport is a spectacular, stylish opening that starts things off right as the frantic action and chaos of the situation with the turned soldiers coming after everyone alongside the other zombies adds a sense of panic and confusion aided nicely by the war-time gunfights and dynamic explosions it's all set against with the ravenous zombies ripping people to pieces adding some nice gore into the mix. Likewise, the extended finale offers a grand siege-style assault on the darkened house that is wholly thrilling and enjoyable, from the attacks downstairs in the basement where they utilize the one advantage possible against the zombies to allow for some tense and suspenseful moments, to full-on gunfights against the creatures and plenty of the typical barricading that makes for a rousing, extended action-filled moment here that comes off incredibly well here. As well, the fact that this one does try something new with the zombies and giving them their own form of mutation and adaption that's discovered throughout here makes for a great time as well as the fine gore and make-up work. Still, there's too many flaws here to hold this one down.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, constant children-in- jeopardy and graphic violence against animals.

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