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Fear Itself
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A girl haunted by traumatic events takes us on a mesmerising journey through 100 years of horror cinema to explore how filmmakers scare us – and why we let them.

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Fear Itself online movie review - Trite Night

This "film" is boring.

Short clips of various movies are shown along with a monotonous Scottish-accented voice-over that is presumably intended to convey us into the psyche of the film-maker - or possibly into some kind of archetypal fear zone that exists in all of us...

However, an interminable and almost arbitrary sequence of extracts from horror or thriller movies does not a frightening experience make! On the contrary the effect is rather the complete opposite. The narrator's insistence on fear and tension seems to rob each clip of every vestige of fear and tension! Perhaps that's the "sly" subtext of this movie, I don't know...

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