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Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways
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Sonic Highways commemorates the Foo Fighters' 20th anniversary by documenting the eight-city recording odyssey that produced their eighth studio album. This film includes the 8 episode series, extended interviews and never before seen footage, inside the recording of Sonic Highways.

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Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways online movie review - a monument on understanding music

First of all, I have to make clear I do not play an instrument, can't read music I am merely an admirer of those who can.

And this documentary explains a lot! On why musicians make choices, how they get inspired, how they get influenced. Besides that it explains a lot on how the USA evolved when it comes to music, how musical as well as political influences from different states and across borders brought us the music we love so much.

A monument on music because this documentary really gives a good insight on how harsh the world of music is decade by decade. Showing respect to all the musical streams you can hardly imagine they even existed. A must see for everyone who wants to know why we listen to what we listen and how it deserved its footprint in history.

piece of advice, grab a notepad and write down the names of the artists you have never heard of or almost forgot about.

And don't forget that every episode comes to end which explains the lyrics of the songs which resulted out of this great project from the Foo Fighters.

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