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ACP Yashvardhan teams up RAW Agent KK to bring down the master mind terrorist, Shiv.

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Force 2 online movie review - Offers an action packed sequences

After a successful first attempt on action genre, John is giving only these type of films in which he should meant to be. Rocky Handsome was an action-thriller, which will be accepted by the viewers. And this time, the sequel of a hit action movie, is going to be bigger and better for sure.

Abhinay Deo, who gave Game and Delhi Belly, is not a known name in the audience. But, if I say that he was the director of the television series 24, than most probably all the viewers will recognize him. So, there isn't any doubt in his capabilities in action goner. But, to build up a story which can withstand with action sequences is the most important.

One guy is on a mission, in which he is killing RAW agents in China. But, one agent sends a secret message to Yash (John) before his death. So, Yash convinces RAW head to allow him to find out the villain along with one RAW officer, KK (Sonakshi). And how they manage to catch that guy, and what made that guy to do these violence are the questions which will be given in the film.

Sonakshi is good in a supporting role. She is not doing some extraordinary, but choosing these kind of films is somewhat good for her, as she is back in action after Akeera. Raj Babbar, Fardhad and Adil have cameos. Tahir Raj Bhasin as a bad-guy (Shiv) again proves that he is a new-generation villain. After giving a solid performance in Mardani, he gives another best. Hope to see his name in the category of best actor in a negative role this year.

John Abraham has to do only these kind of films. He is perfectly suitable for action hunk roles. And now a days, he is also producing such films. So, I think John will run like a horse of a race, and will stay for long.

It's very essential to keep in mind that action film has to be more speedy, more groovy. In which, a side angle of love, or even boring songs can disturb the tempo. So, the director has kept these in his mind and gives us just an item song. Believe me, that was a dull moment. Even, one background portion in Amaal's voice has to be played when Genelia Deshmukh makes an appearance. That was good.

I like all the chases. With a perfectly suitable background score, one can feel the sequences. Especially, the action sequence in an apartment where Shiv is playing a mouth-organ, and both the actors are fighting. That tune is a highlight of the film till interval. The other highlight of the film is John, uplifting a Mercedes. After lifting a bike in the first part, John is lifting a Mercedes. And I've heard that he will keep doing this in the upcoming installments of Force.

So, action lovers, just brace yourself and go for it. In climax, you can see the camera working like a counter-strike game, featuring only a loaded gun in a hero's hand, who is destroying the bad-men. In a film, I think this is a new concept, and I appreciate this thinking.

I've seen some ratings, and they are above 8. So, people are loving it. Therefore, just go for it, you will not be disappointed.

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