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Frackman tells the story of accidental activist Dayne Pratzky and his struggle against international gas companies. Australia will soon become the world's biggest gas exporter as more than 30,000 'fracked' wells are sunk in the state of Queensland where Dayne lives. He and his neighbours have unwittingly become the centre of a massive industrial landscape and they have no legal right to stop mining on their land. Dayne embarks on a journey that transforms him from conservative pig-shooter to sophisticated global activist as the Frackman. He meets the people drawn into a battle that is crossing the ideological divide, bringing together a peculiar alliance of farmers, activists and political conservatives. Along the way Dayne encounters love, tragedy and triumph.

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Frackman online movie review - Thoroughly entertaining - as well as thought provoking

We watched Frackman at a screening in Sydney last night and were sufficiently motivated to go home and switch our power company to one that isn't involved in Coal Seam Gas in Australia.

It just seemed the right thing to do. The film itself is not just another whining documentary. And it doesn't take itself so seriously as 'Gasland' for example. The style is quite different, although the subject is the same - how small land-holders are threatened by the extreme mining techniques of CSG extraction, and how it risks Australia's people, water table and land. It is often very funny; although this is a very serious subject and at times Frackman himself is moved to tears. The photography is excellent and the story itself rolls along at a cracking pace...

At the end, the crowd in the cinema gave it a very well deserved round of applause. Absolutely recommended.

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