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Set in Boston in 1978, a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two gangs turns into a shootout and a game of survival.

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Free Fire online movie review - Guns - lots of guns.

"Free Fire" is the latest effort from UK renegade director, Ben Wheatley, following his - to be frank ? masterwork, High-Rise, from 2016.

Free Fire follows two different groups (one lead by Cillian Murphy, the other by an electric Sharlto Copley) as they trade cash for guns. Things of course go awry and flies jump in to the ointment with frequent regularity. I saw this with a special Q and A with Wheatley, and he told us that over the course of filming they had fired 6000 rounds of ammunition in total. It shows: Free Fire isn't going for class. It's grimy, it's dusty, it's caked in rubble and the soundtrack, occasionally - in between all the gunfire - actually has some music in it. At its best, Free Fire feels like a silent movie: It's slapstick before and after artillery. It's a real treat in the way that at no point does it really let up. It's a constant. It's a sugar rush for grown ups. This doesn't feel like a film you can pause and go and make a phone call in between. Once you've started, you strap in and you finish it. The one place setting brings up obvious similarities with Reservoir Dogs ? which does bring me to the lack of characterisation in Free Fire; Tarantino somehow managed to make us feel for a bunch of colours. Wheatley, however has left it gapingly open. Backstory obviously isn't what the director was going for here, but we'd certainly feel the wounds more so if we knew a little history about these nuts ? with that said, maybe a better comparison would be to John Carpenter's The Thing? Overall, Free Fire will be like nothing else you see this year (ooh, and the last shot of the film is an utter treat), so go and see it before Ben Wheatley is offered some ma-hoossive Sci-Fi budget by Fox or even Disney. @JonnyJonJon1

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