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A thriller directed by Simon Verhoeven.

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Friend Request online movie review - Stare into the abyss long'll be blocked....

You could go to the extreme and say that this film is a metaphorical critique on social media and how it does nothing more than make people of a certain demographic be disconnected from the real world and their real friends/family.

Or, the makers simply wanted to replicate the moderate success of last years 'Unfriended', and have a few close friends social media accounts taken over by the demonic presence of a recently deceased loner.

Popular student Laura receives a friend request from Marina, a girl she barely knows, but accepts it and spend time with the her, both online and outdoors.

When Laura shares a picture of herself at her birthday party, Marina confronts Laura at college as to why Laura lied to her, before she is taken away by security, vowing revenge on Laura.

The same night, Marina commits suicide in front of a web-cam. she posts the video to Laura's profile due to the fact that Laura unfriended her.

Soon, Laura finds herself stalked by Marina's demonic spirit via social media, and threatening to make her lonely after taking over her profile page.

This film had two choices, it could have gone for the supernatural element, in which it did, or it could have gone old school and have been a psycho thriller much in the same vein as Single White Female, or Unlawful Entry. The latter choice would have been a much more interesting take on the Social Media stalker sub genre, but it's so 1990's having an actual live person doing the slaughtering.

But it's still a pretty good film, with the added bonus of having some really bizarre and scary imagery/artwork on the antagonists home page, which in turn, evolves into her back-story.

Her back-story isn't really original though, and it reminded one of Samara's back-story in The Ring, a little girl with a very unfortunate upbringing.

After the impressive opening, once we go into the world of the supernatural, it basically turns into a predictable quiet.....quiet......Bang!! horror film where we are treated to a number of quite inventive deaths, and peoples eyes turning light blue for no good reason.

And we have two police officers with whom one is really only there to provide comic relief. But there is one funny scene that really does justify the use of the word 'really?'.

So after the decent first act, we are led back to the perfunctory horror film route, which is fine, but sometimes, it would be nice to see something that dares to be a little bit different.

Worth seeing though, just to make you realise how much using social media can take over your life..

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