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The story centers on a young couple on a road trip through the Irish countryside who encounter an ancient force of evil.

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From the Dark online movie review - Dragged on too long

After watching this film I realized the definition of a "Nothing Movie" But before we get into the review, I think I'll go over a bit of what happened.

OK we open to an old man, who I presume to be digging clay or other minerals, when he stumbles upon the hand of "The Creature" *cough*Vampire*cough* and he pulls the stake out of his heart which some how brings him back to life? (This movie IS NOT consistent with typical vampire lore/mythology by the way, so if you came for accuracy, back away now) Then we cut to an open road, but first, a few minutes of absolutely gorgeous cinematography...more on that later

After about 10 whole minutes we get our first piece of dialogue from the main characters(?), and really, there's not much besides this... Honestly... unless you count inaudible grunts, screaming, yelling, etc as dialogue.

So anyways, the couple gets stuck and they try and find a house or whatever so they can get back to their vacation that they never mention besides the fact that there is one. Instead of just going back the road they took (the characters are poorly written to say the least) to searching for a house or other people to help them out. The mentally retarded Mark finds an abandoned house with the pre-mentioned old man who ,obviously, has gotten bitten by the vampire and is bleeding and screaming and whatever. Mark goes back to Female Character and tells her they need to help him. Pretty much after this is an inaccurate, inconsistent, dialog-free, intensely boring, continuous fight scene/ "plot" thing.

Mark dies because he is useless, this was the best part of the film because his INTENSE STUPIDITY really built up a lot of hate in me.

Now this is were the extreme inconsistency becomes unbelievably obvious. Mark is turned into a Vampire via scratch marks on his leg, then killed from being exposed to the light of an artificial light source. HOWEVER. The old man vampire had previously lit a wood stove to try an "smoke the couple out" How did the light of the fire not kill him? That was a huge plot hole.

Then there are other things like, at the very end, Somehow Extremely Brave Female Character, tries to light the house on fire or something and the main vampire STEPS DIRECTLY INTO THE FIRE AND DOESN'T DIE EVEN THOUGH ANOTHER VAMPIRE WAS KILLED SIMPLY BY BEING EXPOSED TO IT. Or Female character repeatedly ripping off pieces of her shirt to cover wounds, only to have her shirt completely repaired in the next time the scene cuts. Just stupid, easy to correct stuff like that... was present through out the entirety of the film. So if you're picky, you won't like it.

Also, there's no backstory whatsoever. And sooo many unanswered questions. Why is the vampire there? How did he get there? Why is the old man digging clay? Why does this film exist? Did anyone on production stop and think about the insane amount of plot holes for one second?

And finally the cinematography. This is something the film could have done right. This probably could've made the film watchable. However, they decided to use it at completely unnecessary times. For example, in the car when Mark and Female Character are talking, we got all these weird angels and stuff. Like why? I guess they just realized they were good at something then OVER USED IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

As a quick side note, The Creature costume also sucked. The claw-hand glove things they used were straight out of the Halloween stores. The makeup though, was pretty okay-ishly done, too bad you can't see the creatures face except for on the DVD itself!

In summary, the characters were weak, the story was full of plot holes, and the movie was pretty much the most boring thing I've ever watched.

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