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In the aftermath of a mysterious High School 'incident', The school's attorney questions the only witness, a student, in hopes of protecting the school from any lawsuits. But as this student weaves his tale, it becomes clear that there is much more to this story than meets the eye. H8RZ has the intrigue of a crime thriller, while cleverly dealing with issues of H8RZ bullying, school corruption, and the darker side of teen interactions.

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H8RZ online movie review - Forgettable title, forgettable movie

Wow, this is a extremely forgettable movie. Not only because the plot tries to be clever but completely falters. But because it's just a very annoying movie to sit through.

And it's not because majority of the characters in this movie is super annoying to watch. But the plot is just lazy, despite it trying to be clever. This premise has been done before, except this time it tries to go in a realistic and serious tone. It really isn't realistic at all. In fact, the whole thing is just ridiculous. H8RZ is like a code for bullying, but this movie is more about scheming. Sure, characters doesn't have to be likable for a movie to be good, but not only is everyone despicable. They have no remorse and is just whinny throughout the whole thing. I am not even sure if the message for this movie is to stop bullying, because the teachers and the people running the schools are just as self-centered, if not more than the students. I could tell they try to make a heist movie in a school setting with some twist and turns with a shoe string budget, but this one fails. I regret seeing this flick, it's not even worth the rental.


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